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The objective of THE SHOWCASE is to create a platform that will identify talent during a time where the general consensus is that all hope is lost to do so.

It has a mission to unearth talent from across the country and all walks of life, irrespective of their background, status or the school they attend.

The Showcase is an opportunity for school kids to participate and compete against peers and showcase their talent to an audience of talent seekers. All during a period where all school sport was cancelled, and all hope was lost for kids to play their favorite sport. This unfortunate state being brought about by the necessary measures put in place to manage the spread of the coronavirus during the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Many school kids in South Africa put their hopes of continuing their sporting dreams on being scouted during their final year of sport, or merely playing the local derby sports match for a final time in their school career. All of which has now been taken away from them.

The Showcase was developed to offer a solution to that and create hope for these lost
opportunities, albeit individual honors or school bragging rights.

The Showcase is at its core an Idols for School Sport. The event will run over three phases and present the best performers for contracting by talent seekers. It will culminate in a celebration of school sport and festivity once all Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted.

During Phase 1, The Digital Sports Combine, athletes will over a 10-week period be given a combination of sport specific conditioning drills to determine speed, strength, explosiveness, agility and skill level depending on the sport. These drills need to be completed at home and the results submitted digitally to The Showcase platform. The Organisers shall with the assistance and support of various industry specialists and personalities alike, guide, educate and encourage participants to improve their test results. Regular leaderboards, rankings and best performers will be showcased
during this phase which will eventually culminate in an invitation of the top performers to proceed to Phase 2.

Phase 2 will be in the form of a live combine event, in a sports arena, where participants will compete against each other. Here they will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of an audience of talent seekers, agents, varsity and high school recruiters, bursary givers, scouts and professional sports team coaches or whomever would be interested in watching the evaluation of the athletes. A lucky few will no doubt be offered contracts, bursaries, or end up on watch lists of some of the top talent scouts in South Africa.

During Phase 3 a 10s sport festival will be hosted to allow schools and kids to play their favorite sport in a traditional team environment in a shortened format, designed to showcase skills and ability. One more chance to play school sport and enjoy some game time with your school friends and team mates.